We hope  this site informs you as to who we are and is a positive and helpful picture of how we can help to fill your needs in this complex yet wonderful world of business / personal air travel.

We have been around for a good number of years and our experience levels pretty much cover the breadth and depth of our industry from it's formal start up in the mid sixties to the high tech, high performance environment we operate in today. We approach our duties with enthusiasm and always pleased when you bless us with  a smile that says "well done". Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your aviation growth.

Our staff is made up of people with strong aviation backgrounds we are aircraft owners, flight department managers, ATP rated pilots to the best maintenance professionals on the planet…no, we don't just talk about this business, we are active in it's daily growth and process with thousands of hours of hands on experience.

There are lots of great people in our business, people who really do care about your aviation welfare but, none could care more than we do.

Please, enjoy the site, and let us hear from you. 


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