Opportunity knocking…

For many in the “not so huge” business world there has been little opportunity to own or operate a business jet of any kind...that is until now. Alas, take a look at what one can buy and still be able to properly maintain and operate in today’s economical and business jet environments.

As few as three years ago, many of these products were so far out of most peoples price range that it was the impossible dream to even consider owning one.  Now, here we are with some solid citizens like the Falcon 20-5BR, Falcon 50 and Falcon 10/100 series aircraft or have a look at the Hawker 700 and 800 markets we can find some really terrific aircraft…Lear Jet 30 series through 55s are in the running. The inconspicuous one of the bunch with a lovely cabin is the Westwind 1124 through the Westwind II series aircraft. While the largest of these affordable beauties is the Gulfstream II / III aircraft and the Challenger  CL 600 thru CL 601-1A before they get to the pricier $2,500,000 level. The common thread running through this array of well known and highly regarded aircraft is the price level to acquire...from $300,000 to $2,500,000 with the majority of them at or below $1,500,000.

The caveat to all of this is simple. There is a good bit of “used up” product out there that you would not want to own no matter how great the price. This is where it is essential to know your dealer/broker who is someone who can read and understand the language of aircraft logs, maintenance and aircraft history reporting. All of this is possible and feasible and you can fill your mission profiles without sending your accountant into cardiac arrest…to help reduce your annual fixed costs, you might even consider taking on a partner. As in any industry, we have opportunists who detract from the best of intentions, please be careful. Yes, there are lots of shade tree operators out there with sharp pencils and as many ill intentioned peddlers…make certain the maintenance on your prospective purchase was done by approved shops and that includes any aesthetic modification performed by equally qualified facilities.

Find yourself a trusted entity, explain your wants, needs and then form your annual budget, you may find that you have to do a bit of shuffling among these choices to come up with YOUR most suitable aircraft and stay within the constraints of good fiscal sense. There are lots of great brokers and mechanical support people in this business and the best of them will have intimate knowledge of the products in the market and their true operational capabilities/value.

Another factor worth considering for those with some “high end” budget allowances is that even the upper end of this market has great opportunities available. So, if you are looking for high speed, airborne transportation, whether it be for corporate, or personal use, now is an excellent time to check out what options you may have available in the marketplace.

Contact a trusted broker/dealer for some guidance…of course WE would like to be your choice.

Here’s to some great opportunities,


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