Aircraft Evaluation

Regardless of economic conditions, Donelly structures transactions to bring buyers and sellers to successful outcomes.

Donelly Jets International knows the aviation marketplace. Credibility and integrity of information are critical to Donelly's performance as a broker and consultant. FAA certified D.A.R.s conduct on-site audit/evaluations to discover even the most seemingly insignificant information that can have a profound impact on value and systems integrity of your aviation investment.

Aircraft records and international compliance are paramount in the completion of our aircraft audits. Due dates, times and cycles for components as well as the strengths and weaknesses of any particular model...Service Bulletins and AD Compliance are obtained and evaluated when considering value.

A Donelly supervised pre-purchase survey and audit will illuminate the aircraft's current mechanical status and chain of ownership while discovering any history that may affect the value or performance of the aircraft. Much of this information is typically overlooked in an evaluation prior to purchase.

Most importantly, Donelly relies on its international insider's network to supply critical data that can dictate the successful outcome of your transaction.

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